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Bomgar Representative Console 18.2

Access remote devices from a personal computer
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Work with PCs and mobile devices remotely from a standard PC. Establish a connection by integrating the utility and specifying authentication means. Create an account and store credentials for console and settings. Launch programs, edit documents, start processes on remote desktops.

Bomgar is a screen sharing/remote support application. It is a multiplatform solution for corporate and home users. I usually use Teamviewer. With that program, you simply get the person to download an application to let you control his PC remotely.
Bomgar does things a little differently, but it is really easy as well. If you need to get on somebody's computer, you simply send them an URL address that you generate from within the Representative Console. Then they are prompted to download a small application and you are ready to start working with their computers. The computers will appear on a queue. You can then accept the connection and start the support session. Once you are in, you can request to start screen sharing and controlling. The end user is then asked whether he wants to give you control permissions or not. While you control the client's computer, you can chat with him using the built-in chat window. There are quite a few options to control the quality of the screen-sharing session. If you are faced with a slow connection with the client, you can then lower the quality to improve the performance. In everyday use, I find that Teamviewer is more than adequate for the usual help to a friend. But Bomgar has features that make it ideal for hardcore remote support. Certain features like built-in chat and the ability to e-mail clients with predefined instructions and invitations are a must for this type of use. Also, Bomgar facilitates the process by thoroughly communicating every fact to the client, in many different languages. Bomgar is extremely expensive, though, and you can't just add the product to the cart. You have to contact the sales team in order to get a quote that fits your needs. There are discounts for education sectors and small businesses.

José Fernández
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  • In-session chat
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  • Too expensive
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